What Remains of a Day

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What remains of a day is a little bit of memory. It might be some of what was said in the presentation. Mostly, it is something quite unimposing. We wake up noticing that we dreamed about it. So it keeps mushrooming as we think about it during the day, creating some kind of chemical substance in our brains that interacts with our suppressed wishes and fears. After all, every individual human being carries around enough of them as unfinished demands.

This is how ghosts come into existence. We all have a tendency towards being dominated by ghosts. They are hallucinations particularly useful for telling stories about. But as soon as you have told stories about something, it exists in space and time. It starts looking like a historical fact.

A short time ago, specific remains of a day came to stay with me. I sat in the Frankfurt underground train. A nice young lady boarded the train and offered me half of her roll in the most friendly of ways. When I declined just as friendly, she bared out her soul to me regardless. She is a nurse in a Muslim nursing home. She used to be catholic and has only been wearing the headscarf for four weeks.

The contradictions of the Christian religions, so she said, led her towards embracing the truth of Islam. Islam is the one true religion. People who deduce from Islamic teachings that they include a mandate for violence and suppressing women have misunderstood Islam. Now it is her greatest happiness to serve the true God. Because whatever she does, he is present. To follow the spirit of God through all she does is the straight path towards paradise.

I told the upright young lady that in my opinion it is rather impudent wishing to please God and imagining you know His wishes. Besides, I suggested that it would be a lot more desirable if people did good deeds without expecting to be rewarded for it in paradise. Now there was a moment of hesitation on her side.

But then she invited me to come into the Mosque. Above all, she advised me to contact the Islamic advisory service. There, Muslims who know a lot more than she does would be very willing to answer all my questions. But there was no doubt that I would eventually feel as she does: I would embrace the truth about Islam.

Without having been there, I now believe that the Islamic advisory service is staffed with people who are well versed in the art of merging the remains of their days with the remains of nights. Wonderful hallucinations are the final result. And you can probably find quite a few people there who turn wonderful hallucinations into historical facts. Historical facts which they are proud to be a part of. However, there is nothing special about that. After all, Christianity is based on exactly the same legitimization methods as Islam.

(Translated by EG)

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