It Feels Like Being Struck by Lightning!

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A pope gave notice, lightning struck, and a Meteorite (Meteorit) explodes in Central Russia – this cannot be a coincidence! It is high time that zoo directors, along with leaders of states and their advisors all over the place remember their central competence: the carefree happiness of the animals entrusted to them.

It borders on the irresponsible if we leave humans in particular totally in the lurch when it comes to finding causal connections. What we need is a definite, official declaration. Why don’t we have a state religion that explains how the unpredictable coincidences and accidents of the universe are a prudent and planned destiny of the all-encompassing logic?

Instead, every individual person is left alone with his or her small and error-prone understanding.

The average citizen is overstrained, which makes him unhappy. How is he – probably equipped with only a G8 graduation diploma – supposed to come to terms with the number 13, which incidentally is made up of the last two digits of the year 2013? Hardly anyone takes the pain to actually take a closer look at the digit 2. Because it, too, like the 13, is a prime number.

The Zero between the two prime numbers probably indicates the nullity the world – exposed between two primes one of which even is the 13 – will have to accept as its future destiny.

Consequently, we can under no circumstances ignore the cosmic events that happened during the last few days. They are just harbingers of the approaching apocalypse. Some among us have foreseen this for a long time already.

The least we can expect from our government is that it protects us against all harm. But that is exactly what it fails to do. The meteorite could just as easily have hit the nuclear power plants of Biblis or Schweinfurt. A few thousand kilometres between Russia and Mid-Germany are less than a stone’s throw if you think in cosmic dimensions. Nobody is prepared to deal with this kind of scenario. Our governments failed.

Now it almost happened and the media distract from the problem. People like the astronaut and physics professor Ulrich Walter of Munich are cited, saying shamelessly: “It was pure coincidence”. But every human being not narrow-mindedly thinking in terms of physics or other precise sciences knows that this cannot be a coincidence.

It is providence, that is what it is. And there is a moral quality to it, because it is the punishment of justice that will never permit for humans to just live in the here and now and perform the routines of their daily work. Because everyone only thinks of him- or herself, living just in his or her small world. Obviously, there had to come a time of reckoning for this.

So where are the zoo directors telling us in the face of these cosmic powers that it feels basically small-time slutty if there are still people on strike because they want more income at Hamburg airport; if some people are still worried about saving both Greece and the Euro – and, yes, how irresponsible politicians behave if they now start thinking about winning or losing in the coming Federal Elections?

In the hour of misery, the truth will come out: politicians, too, only think of their own well-being. Consequently, every one of us will have to deal with the unpredictability of cosmic events and accept what little consolation the zookeepers will hand out.

(Translated by EG)

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