“Profiling: Simplify your Personnel Decision?” :-)

This wonderful poem was sent to me by a good friend of mine. One of his employees probably found it in the Heise forum. Unfortunately, I do not know the author. If he contacts me, I will give him a bottle of Prosecco!

In former times, an engineer
Did practicals and learned to steer,
Equations and integrals were
As real to him as sums for her.

If he lucked out, his boss meant well
And taught him all there is to tell
Of what professionals should know,
An three years later let him go.

When boss retired, mind at rest,
He knew full well who would be best
To teach the future engineers
Along with practicals and cheers.

Today, however, someone new
Takes up the top and tells the crew:
You cost too much, the profit counts,
Who cares for integral amounts?

The species “older boss” died out,
Got settlements to dream about.
They took far more than just the money:
The know-how went with them: not funny!

So now, what does young boss advise?
With so-called “wisdom” oversize?
What is your plan to mend again,
The bitter weakness you began?

You only moan, lament and cry,
To analyse is all you try,
But Power-Point presents no clue:
Your punishment is overdue!

One final word:

Where there are no costs to pay,
You might find: profit will not stay,
Because the interest of naught
Remains quite low – who would have thought

Is there any way to say it better?

(Translated by EG)

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