Special Edition: Radio Philosophy #066 – Murder Story.

Yesterday, the court hearing started for two adolescents
who almost managed to kill a 22-year-old by beating him,
because he had been looking so daft.
In Alabama, a university teacher
kills three of her colleagues
and severely injures three,
because she failed to get tenure.
In Abu Ghureib, US soldiers not only torture,
but also have pleasure 
trying sadistic and perverse methods.
Why do they do these things?
Are they all crazy?
Because thinking and rationality are situated
in the smaller,
newer part of the brains.
In the bigger, older part,
you find the aggressions.
We have only been working on our Western Civilization for 3,000 years.
But humans have existed for 697,000 years more than that.
So we should not be surprised
about so much happening.
Instead, we should be surprised
how little is happening.

(Translated by EG)

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