Farewell Party


Recently, the least liked schoolmaster of the French, with a somniferous charisma that by now is proverbial, addressed the nation.

His words still ring in my ears: “France is not the problem, France is the solution.”

The glamorous wrapping he used was an appeal for a European Business Government, where he supposedly would expect to have little work and lots of leisure.

It augurs well for him, because France is leading in many respects:

* 35–hour working week

* Huge foreign commerce deficit

* Social services financed by debts

* Industry in ruins

* High density of nuclear plants

The list could be extended infinitely
Dear Germans and Europeans: if this France is the solution, then we have come closer to the “Final Solution” than ever in history.

Here is what my friend Harvey says:
“Europe cannot be saved.
France will shorten the time of suffering.
With a glittering farewell party.
The French advice for the patient is:
Put no country to the trough, put them all into the pan
Let us live today; there will be enough time for dying tomorrow
Heine wrote: the Germans spend a lot of time
Thinking about Tomorrow while not seeing Today.
He wrote that down in Paris.
So, now, Europeans, Go To Paris!
The augur of the present will welcome you with open arms!
Why not leave the inconvenient future to others?”

What was it Wowereit said when Berlin was almost bankrupt to the tune of 60 billion Euros?
“The Show Must Go On!!!”
So how is Berlin doing today?
Just fine, thank you very much!
Quod erat demonstrandum?

Elwood P. Dowd

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