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The next InterFace Blue Friday (Dec., 4th, 2009) – we at InterFace meet at regular intervals on certain Fridays – will not be for discussing business fields. For a change, we decided to make it an Open Space event:

Does the following scenario sound familiar? – You arrive at a conference, meeting with colleagues or company event like the Blue Friday, and then the really exciting discussions happen on the sidelines, altogether without prior planning, while you are sipping your coffee or smoking your cigarette?

That is what Open Space is all about: concentrate on conversations that have not been planned, sort out what might be interesting and then make the interesting bits known to everybody. Initially, all employees are present, during the first hour, the entire work and time planning takes place. Then, everybody follows up on what is important for them. The introduction and presentation of our Blue Friday is conducted by an external moderator, Marc Borner.

So our intention with this Open Space is to create the right atmosphere for conversations that concern our work and future at InterFace. In order to give us a chance at “pre-heating” the themes, we will provide content and details during the next week.

For more information, see the relevant web-pages, like Wikipedia, or else contact our Open Space organizers Bernhard Findeiss and Axel Maisch.

We look forward to the event!

(Translated by EG)

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