Dr. Simon Grand (RISE St. Gallen) as Orator at InterFace

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We at InterFace AG organize presentations for our employees, customers and partners on a regular basis. With this, we aim at high-quality information and discussions about current and inter-disciplinary issues based on first-hand experience. The presentations are always quite an experience. We already welcomed very famous orators as our guests. Not quite so famous ones, however, also usually make a very good impression.

Roland Dürre wrote a separate post about the last in-house presentation by Dr. Franz-Josef-Bierbrauer of Osram on “the future of light”.

Together with RISE, we organized a presentation with Dr. Simon Grand in the spring of 2008 in Munich for our customers and partners. It was a valuable enrichment for all of us, which is why I will report on it briefly.
We met the audience of around 60 at the Hotel Munich City Hilton, directly next to the Gasteig. Dr. Grand was to speak about:

Innovation as Creative Demolition:

A Challenge for Entrepreneurs and Managers

Innovations promote entrepreneurial creation of value and economical growth. This correlation mostly determines the current debates without leaving room for questions.

Yet, experienced entrepreneurs and managers know that the identification, realization and application of innovative ideas, as well as establishing new technologies, business and enterprises goes hand in hand with fundamental uncertainties and paradoxes:

  • not every innovative idea is commercially a success,
  • many new ideas are initially rejected as being too unconventional or unrealistic,
  • it is mostly unpredictable who will actually benefit from a new idea financially,
  • innovations imply creative demolition,
  • mostly, innovations are evaluated in a controversial way.

RISE Management Research, a research centre at St. Gallen HSG University, analyses how successful entrepreneurs and managers deal with these paradoxes in a productive way. Dr. Simon Grand, director of RISE, introduced us to the results of innovation research at RISE. He also described the current challenges for enterprises and managers and the application of these results into entrepreneurial management in practice.

Afterwards, small groups met informally for a lively discussion, along with an informal dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. We were at it until long into the night.

We would once more like to thank Dr. Simon Grand and his colleagues at RISE for the deep insights he gave us and the extremely exciting way in which he presented them.

Our series of orators will be continued at the end of June and some time during the fourth quarter of 2008. The next issue will be a philosophical one, before we go on to our constitution and the “oil peak”…

(Translated by EG)

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